Rocking Chair Redo…


So I’ve had this rocking chair for some time now (many many years) and finally decided to do something with it since we are about to move and our new house will be a complete remodel, I wanted all the furniture revamped and pretty too….

I had this great idea to sand and prime then paint it, I really wanted a nice soft blue color but had just painted the living room at the new house blue (sherwin williams “watery”) and didnt want the two blues to clash, so I settled on a nice soft yellow.

I LOVE the 3M sanding blocks med/fine. You can use them for pretty much anything, and then wash and reuse them over and over, not to mention they get in evey little crack and crevus which is especially helpful when trying to sand a rocking chair.

I also bought Krylon white indoor/outdoor primer with the 360 tip… the 360 tip was SUPER helpful when trying to get into every little awakward space, and I would reconmend it to anyone trying to spray paint something that has hidden spaces, lumps, rolls, creases…. etc….

I will hopefully get the rest painted in color later today/afternoon! I will update when its finished!

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