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Kitchen redo…


**let me just start by saying, we aren’t made of money, most of all material we used for the kitchen redo was from Craigslist, or the Habitat for humanity Re-store with the exception of a couple of things**

When we got this house, we I decided almost from the beginning that something if everything would have to be done to the kitchen… this kitchen was still living in the 50/60’s from when the house was first built.

We are talking, horrible greens, orange/yellow’s and horrible floral patterned shelf paper….  original 50’s hardware, pulls, stove and wall oven…

I wasnt quite sure what all needed to be done, but after staring at the kitchen for what seemed like an eternity it kinda all came together… (in my head)

Lets start with the sink, first let me start by saying the sink actually wasnt that bad…. It was stainless steel, and had a modest faucet on it that was functional.

But with the image I had already acquired in my head it just wasnt going to work… so it had to go!

The counter top was ok, but pulling up at the seams and off white with stains, and chips… so it had to go!

Luckly the backsplash was part of the counter so when the counter had to be replaced so did the back splash… so it had to go!

Cabinets…. they where not all that bad, they where actually still in really good shape, but of so blah, and how would my new kitchen look with new everything but wood blah boring cabinets!? …. so they had to be painted

I think besides the cabinets (having to be HAND painted **TWICE**) the floor was pretty big for this kitchen, while the kitchen floor space was fairly small itself (about 7×8′) it really made the kitchen have that finished look and pull everything together.

** update, also if you are wondering, yes I also painted the kitchen walls, it’s a Sherwin Williams color called recycled glass!**

I will post full pictures once I find my camera’s SD card and charge the battery. Thanks for the read! Stay tuned for my hand stenciled bedroom makeover!

Rocking Chair Redo…


So I’ve had this rocking chair for some time now (many many years) and finally decided to do something with it since we are about to move and our new house will be a complete remodel, I wanted all the furniture revamped and pretty too….

I had this great idea to sand and prime then paint it, I really wanted a nice soft blue color but had just painted the living room at the new house blue (sherwin williams “watery”) and didnt want the two blues to clash, so I settled on a nice soft yellow.

I LOVE the 3M sanding blocks med/fine. You can use them for pretty much anything, and then wash and reuse them over and over, not to mention they get in evey little crack and crevus which is especially helpful when trying to sand a rocking chair.

I also bought Krylon white indoor/outdoor primer with the 360 tip… the 360 tip was SUPER helpful when trying to get into every little awakward space, and I would reconmend it to anyone trying to spray paint something that has hidden spaces, lumps, rolls, creases…. etc….

I will hopefully get the rest painted in color later today/afternoon! I will update when its finished!

Hello world!




This is a blog about my crazy life, and all the stuff I do to the new house we just moved into! I am kinda slow to upload new posts but as the summer gos on, I will have more time!

I look forward to hearing from all of you!